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Rachel is More Than a Friend, She is A timeless Fashion Icon



By Jenni Sellan

We remember the jingle; we remember the romance; and thanks to Netflix, there is a strong possibility that our girl crush just might go on forever.
Rachel Green; from the moment she burst on to our television screens escaping her very own ‘white-wedding, complete with a more than generously sized ‘90’s’ veil and the quintessential jewelled head piece, she instantly became our favourite friend and undisputed style icon.

From friend on screen to a serious friend of fashion, Rachel began her style journey as the queen of urban chic; her off duty style was without question her forte not only for setting the dress code in the 90’s and early millennial years, but it seems she had an uncanny ability to forecast fashion’s future; We might have given her early 90’s style an updated modern edge, but the trends we now embrace have been firmly established, as Rachel went (stylishly) before us; printed tees, denim overalls, peek –a-boo crops and knee high boots; sound familiar?

What about sneakers with just about everything? And how could we possibly go past the denim shirts and vests? Higher today than ever before on fashions’ radar, Rachel Green predicted the power of our denim blues some 20 years ago! A true fashion oracle with her fashion game clearly ahead of the curve.

From Coffee Shops to Fashion’s corporate playground, like her pay check Rachel’s dress code went up a notch or three and just as its evolution continued beyond off duty casual cool, her choices continued to make for a style we wanted to steal and continue to borrow.

With no less than some 700+ outfits worn throughout the series, over its 20 year tenure, selecting just 10 favourites seemed like the impossible task but these chosen few prove that simplicity and timeless style wins every time, transcending all seasons and trends:

What would street style be today without the option of mixing high street pieces with luxe appeal; Take your style cue from Rachel and add some polish to your everyday.

Borrowing from the boyfriend has become second nature; shirts and all; It’s an off duty dressing requirement. even if your boyfriends name is Ross!

Animal Prints have become the new neutral; add DVF into the mix and timeless style is your end game.

We’ve been selling the Dungaree / overall trend for a few seasons now. Love it or hate it, fashion continues to place it on the style map and Rachel Green marks the spot!

Because everyone needs the perfect white Tee.

Even in green Rachel nails the classic silhouettes and so can you.

Denim Skirts, splits and a graphic print; So now. So then. This is fashion forward.

Before Carrie Bradshaw there was Rachel Green; Who doesn’t love an unexpected pop of colour to bring life to monochrome? 

Texture and print play. So. On. Point.

And finally, the ankle boot and anklet sock; a trend that we try…and try but do we dare?

Rachel Green. Effortlessly chic with timeless appeal; there for you then and there for you now. Be Inspired.

Cleansing: Changing the World Inside Out



By Naima Karp

International model, Anne-Marie Van Dijk can empathize with those starting out in the industry. After years of hard work, she learned of the innumerable challenges a model faces through their career, and the toll it takes, mentally and physically. After working with high-profile clients like Chanel, Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar, Van Dijk is lending her hand to a more meaningful cause, founding the initiative, Cleanse: One Body, One Planet.

Van Dijk has enlisted a team of pre-screened, top rated professionals, including personal trainers, health coaches, therapists, and registered dieticians. They offer expert counseling to help models achieve their goals – healthily, and sustainably. Cleanse is supported by industry insiders, as well as many prestigious models and agencies. 

The Cleanse team not only aims to keep models healthy, but also to preserve the health of the planet. They’re kind of health life coaches, in a way. Working with models and their agencies closely, with plentiful resources, Cleanse is paving the way to creating health and harmony between people and the planet. 

Before Cleanse came along, finding a healthy way to guide and counsel models (both mentally and physically) was a huge gap in the industry.

The stereotypical model is seen as focused solely on the physical- and whatever it takes to get to a magic number, or goal, regardless of all the connectors along the way that also need to be tended to. But now, healthy is the new beautiful.

The word ‘cleanse’ has often been associated with unhealthy diets – like the notorious cayenne pepper-maple syrup-lemon concoctions – but Van Dijk and her team simply see it as a shorthand for their mission: “Cleanse: One Body, One Planet”. They emphasize a relationship just as important as the one between our minds and our bodies: the connection between our own bodies and with the earth. They are here to redefine the word ‘cleanse,’ outside of the box of deprivation that it was created in.

Rather than another unrealistic juicing schedule, Cleanse does not promote these kinds of regiments. Instead, they create a solid, holistic foundation of nutrition and fitness, customized for each model’s needs and wants. It has less to do with shrinking sizes through drastic means, and more to do with adapting to a holistic mentality and keeping awareness of the body in tune. They want to veer away from, and transcend the size-zero mentality that has dominated the industry for so long.

Cleanse are partners with Blink, one of the best and most affordable gyms in NYC, bringing a refreshingly sanitary setting to what are usually dank and dismal workout dens within the various boroughs, for those who can’t afford Equinox.

In Fall 2012, Cleanse hosted their exclusive soft launch with guests like the Victoria’s Secret Angels, and US Vogue director of photography, Ivan Shaw.

They’re launching another event in 2015, along with a big announcement.

Help spread the word about Cleanse on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Facebook: Cleanse NYC

Twitter: CleanseNYC

Check out a recipe on Vimeo, here.

Fashionable Flats



By Lauren Tricker

I do not understand how some people can be a ‘bag person’. For me, I’m an ‘everything’ person. I love shoes, bags, sunglasses- you name it. As the summer months are now upon us, I am going to be talking about flats- the most comfortable type of footwear there is. In the past, heeled shoes have been my daily go-to, providing me with heightened confidence with each wear. But, after finding different styles of flats that do more than make up for -what I perceived to be- their downfall, I thought I would share these with you today.



Espadrilles are an all-time favourite of mine. They’re one of those accessories ­that can pull together any outfit, whether it be a simple top and shorts combination, or a delicate summer dress! They provide a little bit of extra height due to the thicker sole, but their level of comfort throws any pair of wedges out of the water. Furthermore, Espadrilles are suited for any summer outing, cushioning your feet on a stroll to the beach or a trek round a shopping district. Their major selling point, however, is you needn’t break the bank when purchasing a pair! The high street are on the same wavelength as the global fashion houses when it comes to variety, therefore enabling you to buy the perfect pair for you.

Ballet flats:

One of the most timeless assets to your wardrobe are a pair of ballet flats. A bold statement, I know, but nonetheless true. If you’re one of those people who prefer to avoid the one-off trends, or even if you just want to have an eternal gem in your wardrobe, then a pair of ballet flats are a must-have. They are one of those accessories that develop in character with age, variating your outfits which each wear! Due to them being an everlasting staple, you can choose from a scope of designs that were and are continued to be noted by style icons ranging from Audrey Hepburn to Miranda Kerr.






I could talk to you all day about gladiators. No, seriously, you wouldn’t want to dare me. Gladiators can replenish any outfit with edgy or intricate connotations- enabling you to decide which look you want to go for on a day-to-day basis. They seamlessly compliment garments ranging from a pair of distressed denim shorts to a floral playsuit, their vocal caged or lace-up designs demanding attention as the world becomes your runway.

Lace-up sandals:


Last but definitely not least: lace-up sandals. If I am allowed to have a favourite, these are mine. A daintier version of gladiators, lace-up sandals lack in the extravagant detail reaching to your knee but instead conclude below your ankle, therefore announcing a muted statement for a casual Californian vibe. Different metal hardware for the eyelets or aglets ensures that all other accessories are accommodated for, and therefore transforms you into a sleek, sophisticated young woman ready to take on the day.

The Casting Game



I hate going to castings- and (go-sees for that matter). I know they are an important part of being a model but sometimes I wish they’d just book from my pictures.

I know, it sounds like I am whining. Going to castings and go-sees are like interviewing, you just have to do it to get the gig, but what if you had to interview every single week for a job you do every single day? It gets sort of old. I mean, how often does the same casting director have to see you before they get an idea about what you look like? I guess they have short memories.

That One Casting

I remember one casting that I went to that was just ridiculous. It was my third year with the agency. My agent sent me to an open-casting for a fashion week show. Now normally when my agent sends me somewhere I don’t have to worry about there being a lot of people. I’m with a pretty exclusive agency, and they are known around town for having the best models. So I generally don’t have to go to the castings that more amateur girls go to, but this one was different.

This show was looking for ‘fresh faces’, faces they haven’t seen before. Since I had never worked with this casting director, I qualified as a ‘fresh face’ and my agent didn’t hesitate to send me.

I wish he had.

When I got to the location, there were about 150 girls waiting in line. I could tell that most of them were not agency models. They showed up in party dresses, gawdy clothes, and things I wouldn’t wear even if they were paying me. One girl had a pair of shoes that drew more attention than her face. Sure, she was rocking those stilettos, but good luck remembering what her face looked like.

I amused myself by rating the girls in my mind on a scale of 1-10 – sort of like what I imagined the casting directors were doing inside. Girls with un-proportional shapes, awkward walks, and loud personalities rarely scored above a 4. I counted 75 girls that I would have scored that way. The girls who looked like they’ve actually been to a casting call before were few- maybe like 10 or so. You could easily recognize them with their solid white or black shirts and form fitting pants.

Your Strap Is Showing

After I spent nearly an hour playing ‘guess who makes it through’ I turned my attention to the girls standing immediately in front of me. There was this girl, a 5’10 brunette with attitude oozing out of her in front of me. I noticed her bra-strap hanging out of her blouse as she leaned impatiently on one leg.

“Excuse me,” I tapped on her shoulder.

When she turned around, I noticed her face. Sure, she was pretty. But she had enough makeup to do three photo shoots back-to-back.

“Yeah?” oozed out of her.

“Your strap is showing,” I smiled at her, nodding my head at her shoulder. Lifting her over-manicured finger, complete with diamond insets and a sunset, she popped the bra-strap back into place. Without any type of gratitude, she turned around and shifted her weight to the other leg.

I didn’t see her after that casting. I was kind of wishing I would. She definitely had potential, she just need a little – well, a lot of guidance.

My deep thoughts about the pretty girl with the attitude were interrupted by the sounds of a slamming door and high heels stomping out of the room. There goes another one of my fours.

How I love the casting game.

How To Get A Bangin’ Beach Body



By Calynn M. Lawrence

Have you always wanted to get a nice, sultry beach body for the summer heat? Well, this article is going to tell you exactly how you can achieve that without having to go on any crazy crash diets, take any pills, have any surgery or do any extreme work out regimens! Follow the tips below and you are sure to get that much closer to your best beach body yet.


We would all love to have a perfect Victoria’s Secret body but it isn’t always obtainable. You ought examine your body type and decide what you think is a reasonable goal that you are willing to pursue and alot yourself a set time frame. For example, if you have a full hour glass figure, chances are that you’ll never look like Alessandra Ambrosio. But, you could very reasonably obtain a healthy but curvy figure such as Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez. Or if you are someone who is very tall and lean, then you probably won’t be able to get a Shakira figure. But, you could very reasonably obtain a nicely toned, but feminine physique such as Kendall Jenner. Finding “thinspirations” that actually resemble your natural shape is the key to not having disappointments in your weight loss journey.


Notice the post did not say go on a diet or a fast. It says to change your eating habits altogether. Now, if you choose to kick start your weight loss journey by going on a more calorie restricted eating regimen, that is fine but remeber to only do such for a limited time. This is to keep your body from becoming accustomed to such a narrow eating schedule so that once you stop your diet, you will not instantly gain all of your weight back. Try making healthier choices such as only eating out on weekends, finding food substitutions (i.e subbing your icecream for frozen yogurt), pre made meal plans and possibly even shopping organically! There are so many ways to incorporate helthy eating into your life that there is no reason for you to struggle.


Water is the life source of the body. Because our bodies are made of mostly water, our system thrives on it! Thus, instead of drinking all of those heavily carbonated, sugar drenched juices and sodas, hydrate yourself with a nice glass of cold water! This is going to help you save calories, sugar and acrbs for what really counts: food! Plus, water also helps replenish the body for clearer skin, healthier hair and stronger longer nails!


Joining a gym is awesome if you have the time and the money. However, it is not at all a necessity. Simply try your best to incorporate movement into your daily routine as much as possible. For example, if you drive alot, you can try to make it a habit to walk more often. If you always fing yourself opting for the elevator or escalator, take the stairs, even if it’s a few flights up! Go to your local Walmart or Target and pick up a couple of fun work out DVD’s that will give you the same power of going to a class at a gym but at teh convenience of being in your own home on your own time!


Do not make this more serious than it needs to be. The more dreadful you make your weight loss, the less likely you are to stick to it! So have a good heart and a string mind and make this a lifestyle!

There you have it! Those are your top tips to your best beach body.