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What It’s Really Like To Be A Fashion Intern



By Calynn M. Lawrence

Many people have a certain idea of what it’s like to be a fashion intern based on the media. However, most of the time that information is dramatized for entertainment. A friend and I, who was also a fellow fashion intern, were discussing this the other day. So, If you would like to know what it’s really like to be a fashion intern then continue reading. We promise it’s not as scary as you may think.


The media makes it seem to be that fashion internships are far and few, which is not true at all! Well, maybe depending on where you live. As someone from a major city, I was able to have multiple internships throughout high school. Regardless, you should at least be able to find ONE! The thing that many people don’t realize is that a fashion internship does not have to be with a huge company in order to be valuable. Therefore, even if it’s just a small clothing store or a freelance fashion designer or a local magazine, take it! Getting started is the first key to success. And if you can’t find any posts online or from your school advisor about fashion internships then take matters into your own hands and start writing emails to places that you would like to work specifying that you will work for free.


The horrifying boss that the movies make you picture is not always the case. In fact, most of the time it’s not. Now, that’s not to say that you will have a boss who is super chill and does not have any expectations because that’s not realistic, or even beneficial. But, you can definitely find some bosses who will work with you and make you feel like you have a teacher and not a micro manager. Hard working spirit is a necessity but you should not have to feel lowly and sad every time you enter the building.


You heard it. All fashion interns do not look like they are straight out of a fashion magazine! The key to landing a job is not the fact that you look like a carbon copy from a catalogue but that you are clearly creative and have a passion for fashion! Therefore, as long as your style displays a sense of personality and maybe even some artistic aspect, you will be fine. This is not giving you creative license to walk into a corporate environment with leggings and a sweater. Be mindful of the occasion without losing yourself!


There is more to the industry than fashion design! A fashion internship is not simply learning about design. Although it is beneficial to do so, it is not the be all end all. There are internships for retail, management, merchandising, marketing, advertising, personal styling, writing and editing, photography, modeling and much more! Find the internship program that suits what you want to pursue.


Because fashion is so multifaceted, an internship done well can be transferred as experience to many other career fields. So, don’t feel like changing your mind is a waste of time! As previously mentioned, there are many areas you could pursue. Do you really feel like because the word “fashion” comes before “management, marketing, editing etc” that a company is automatically going to negate your work? Of course not! As long as you are able to prove that your knowledge and work ethic goes beyond the fashion industry, those same skills apply.


The On Trend Hair Styles With Phoebe Tonkin



By Gritty Pretty

Our love for The Originals actress and Witchery Balance ambassador, Phoebe Tonkin, reached new heights with the exclusive cover shoot for Gritty Pretty Magazine’s latest spring 2015 issue.

Hair stylist, Keiren Street, who created these wearable looks on Tonkin gave us the low-down so you can recreate them home.


“The key to this look is not to try hard at creating it,” says Street. “Essentially, it’s an inside-out braid but only using the top section of the head.”

1. When sectioning the top hair of the hair, use your eyebrows as a guide.

2. Braid down from the top of the head to the crown and secure.

3. To finish, spray Wella Professional Ocean Spritz or Joico Hair Shake to give this textured look a dishevelled finish.


“Girls on the go love this look,” says Street. “Perfect for post-work out or nonchalantly throwing it back, this hair style is simple, which is what makes it beautiful.” Street adds, “Overdone hair is just that – overdone!”

1. Just like the half braid, use your eye brows as a point to balance the top and bottom section.

2. Gather top section into a ponytail and secure using an elastic band.

3. Loosen the top section by running the palm of your hand over the section and towards the face.


One of Street’s favourite looks, he says this style worn by Tonkin is “cool, understated and exudes a hint of mystery.”

1. To start, comb hair with a wide tooth comb.

2. Spray Wella SP Shine Define all over – focusing on the roots and mid-lengths – and continue combing through.

Hint: If you don’t have a shine serum or spray, Street recommends using Baby Oil. “It will give a sleek finish while still allowing the hair to retain its natural shape and volume. “Just don’t try this if you’re wearing silk as it can stain.”

All images:

Photography: Jake Terrey

Hair: Keiren Street

Makeup: Liz Kelsh

Styling: Hayley Bonham

Collage: Labyrinth of Collages

Young, Beautiful and Not Broke



I planned to finish school – really I did. I was going to go to college and major in Finance, and make enough money to support my designer shoe habit, but life happened and things changed. I don’t go to classes anymore, but my shoe collection is quite nice.

Many people have questioned my decision to give up on school. My brother thinks I am wasting my life.

“Your looks are not going to last forever,” he always says.

That’s why I am working extra hard now.

Dad always attempts to take my side, saying: “She can always go back to school later,” as if my modeling career was a short term whim. No, Dad, I intend to do this for as long as I can (and that better be longer than a few months).

I didn’t plan on being a model at first. Come to think of it, I really didn’t have a plan at all. Modeling just sort of happened to me, and I jumped at the opportunity. I was 16 when I talked my mom into letting me withdraw out of school. I had a contract in one hand and a promise that I would take classes with a personal tutor.

I could see the pain in her face. She didn’t want to say yes, and she didn’t want to say no. Instead, she quietly signed her name on the required forms and set the paper down. It was hard for my mom. She knew it was the right thing to do, but she worried whether I was making the right choice.

I however, knew I was making the right choice. Although I didn’t finish school, I’ve never been dumb. I immediately hired an accountant to invest the money I didn’t need – in case my brother was correct. I’m not so stupid to ignore the fact that the industry is fickle, and that this could all go away in a second.

But while my friends are living on noodles and futons, I’m lounging in my loft between shoots. They are sacrificing daily – hitting the books – with the hopes they’d land a salary that would match the amount of money I make in a week.

The point is, I’m doing fine, even though I’m a dropout. Maybe it means I don’t make it back to school. Maybe I never get that finance degree. But the way I see it if I am making enough money to support myself and buy all the designer shoes I want; who even cares?

Top Trends For Summer Hair



By Simi A Mira

Summer is, without a doubt, the best season for beautiful hair. Think about it – in Autumn and Winter, our locks are stuffed into scarves and beanies, and Spring is often wet and dreary. Summer, however, offers an opportunity for beautiful, wind-swept styles and mermaid-esque waves.

The last thing that we all want to do is use heated styling tools when it’s hot outside. Summer is perfect for effortless hair, so put away the hairdryer and straight iron for the next twelve weeks! Take advantage of your natural texture and make it work to your advantage.

The most natural summer hair is a wind-swept mermaid wave look. In wet or dry hair, use a sea salt spray to obtain a bit of volume, slight wave, and a tousled look that looks like you’ve spent a day at an exclusive beach. This style works great in short or long hair, and looks stylish both worn down and up in a high ponytail.

The next trend that’s really big right now are boho braids, specifically worn as a crown. To get this look, grab a 1-inch section of hair from near your right ear. Holding the piece vertically, braid so that the section easily lays across the top of your head. This braid can be worn and affixed either across the top of the hair like a headband, towards the back of the head creating a sectioned look, or towards the forehead similar to a hippie headband. With a flower tucked behind your ear, you’ll be in perfect style to head to the hottest music festival.

Inspired by Buddhist imagery, the top knot is making a major statement this season. The top knot is timeless ‘cool girl’ chic, as it looks completely effortless but totally stylish. With your fingers (we’re not looking for total precision here!), gather your hair into a high ponytail. Twist around the base until you have a traditional bun. Affix with a hair tie and separate loose pieces out for a messy look. This style can work for days running errands or nights at the club – it’s all about how you dress it up! For a very fun Japanese-inspired twist, follow the directions for a top knot but with pigtails (2 ponytails on the right and left side of your head). Twist each and affix with a hair tie for a playful riff on this style.

Finally, fringe is back and here to stay! Bangs have been seen on the runway recently and are making a big impact. The key to having stylish bangs is the length – they should be longer, touching to just at the bridge of your nose, and point-cut to give a ‘piecey’ feel. The great thing is that this style is expected to last well into Fall and Winter, so it will be a beauty investment with great payoff.

Summer can take a massive toll on your locks, so be sure to treat your hair with a hair mask at least once bi-weekly. Choose an option with lots of beautiful oils to increase hair elasticity so that it doesn’t break when you’re trying these new styles.


From Paris With Love



I swore that I was done with dating. With my schedule, it’s almost impossible to keep even the best relationship going, no matter how hard I try. I mean there are so many things that can go wrong. If the fact that I travel all of the time doesn’t make it hard enough, the endless amount of man candy around doesn’t help either (especially when the guys are interested in me)…

With the first boyfriend I had as a model, we had a plan. We would talk on the phone at least every other day. I would send him text messages from the shoot, and snap pictures whenever I had a chance. It was working out well until I got really popular. My boyfriend started seeing my pictures everywhere- sometimes even, with male models.

He basically started overreacting. I wasn’t doing anything wrong, but he had such a problem …

“I saw you with that guy at the shoot,” I remember him saying over the phone one day. He said it calmly, but there was a certain edge to his voice.

“Do you mean that advertisement I did for the jewellery company?” I knew exactly what photo he was talking about. It was one of me in lingerie embracing a topless male model.

“I don’t know. I just saw you in your underwear with some naked guy. I thought you weren’t trying to be in Playboy.”

I couldn’t believe how he was talking. We had talked about it before I left for Europe — how I would probably have to shoot with guys — and he said he was cool. Now he was doing exactly what I was afraid he would do, he was getting jealous.

Needless to say, that relationship didn’t last very long after that. By the time I was back home, he wasn’t returning my calls, had changed his Facebook status, and was posting pictures with other girls. I guess he figured it wasn’t going to hurt me since I was a model and all, but it did. I cried at night.

So when I met my new guy, I was naturally afraid to go anywhere with it. These things never work out.

When I explained it to him, he was sensitive to my worries.

“Babe, so what if we don’t work out. I’m willing to take that risk and enjoy it while it lasts.”

How can you argue with that?

Photography With Torne Velk



By Torne Velk

I was introduced to a camera at the age of 15, which was bought for my brother, which later got handed down to me. From the age of 15 I always wanted to start a career so I could be really good at something at a young age and to have my life in order and to excel in a career path. I immediately had a passion for capturing moments and memories always telling my friends there’s nothing more beautiful than freezing a moment in time and keeping it for life. From there I started taking photos of some friends, then involving local designers then involving hair and make up artists.

My biggest inspirations are local and international. Will Davidson is incredible for his lighting, quality and composition and Lara Jade for her fantasy aspect and skill for creating a story.

My strongest point is being able to show a models character through my images and able to always get an edgy feel out of my shoots. My style has and will never be sexual naked shoots. I prefer to get the idea of sex out in the models emotion and posing. I have been told I always had a unique style to everyone with regards to my composition, colours and pose and am wanting to find my own old style again.

Photography and editing is slowly going back to basics with regards to Photoshopping the models and my style of keeping my shoots very edgy and keeping the models who they actually are. I don’t agree with making eyes bigger and noses smaller and hips smaller. Might as well use a mannequin then. The point of each model is their own unique look. Not to start making them all look the same.. No one is perfect and I am in love with what society calls “imperfections”. To be honest when i started i would love to remove all imperfections (Moles, beauty spots, scars), but now I actually leave most in because we are all our own art and to remove it is to agree with society’s image of perfection. I have started a small project called BACK TO BASICS and the male models have none or minimal editing. There’s nothing more beautiful than a model with a scar, or mark or beauty spot as it makes them all unique individuals. Why try make everyone looks the same.

I am still trying to find out what my style is exactly so I constantly see my style broaden and then become more specific. I am now 20 years old and cant wait to take my photography to Germany. Israel, Miami and America. I have really found what I am obsessed with in life, I go to sleep thinking about it and wake up thinking about it.

Website: Torne Velk

Instagram: @torne.velkphotography

Ease Emotional Eating With These Tips



By Jessia Sepel – The Healthy Life

Whether you’re preparing for a wedding, a vacation, or any other big event, it’s likely you’ll find yourself under more stress than usual. For many of us, all kinds of emotions – be it fear, anger, or even excitement – can lead to complicated relationships with food. Not tapping into those emotions and learning to manage them is the key to taking care of yourself and listening to your body. These are my top tips to ease emotional eating before your big day:

1. Don’t put pressure on yourself to be on a diet. Just start accepting what is – the pressure of dieting will be worse for your food/weight battle.

2. Strive for healthy and glowing – not skinny and emaciated.

3. Stop putting pressure on yourself to be your perfect self or look your skinniest, and start appreciating your body NOW for what it is. Your body needs your love and acceptance.

4. Commit to eating a balanced whole food diet – its the only lifestyle that works.

5. Take care of your stress levels ASAP.

6. Make sure you get enough sleep to prevent the exhaustion that often comes with binges or leads to them.

7. Stop restricting. Enjoy a treat every week – choose something you love and crave.

8. Your body is your temple – give it the love it deserves.

9. Worth repeating: you simply have to let go of the diet mentality – it will cause you to binge.

Model Maison: Suzi Leenaars



This is an edit from the beautiful website, Model-Maison; a project of love and dedication that has seen the photographer, Cybele Malinowski shoot models in their bedrooms all over the suburbs of Sydney, LA, London, Ukraine and Shanghai. Each week, we will be featuring a new model from Model-Maison.

Photography // Cybele Malinowski
Model // Suzi Leenaars @ The Agency Models
H+M // Desiree Wise 

Model-Maison Avril Alexander



By: ModelMaison

This is an edit from the beautiful website, Model-Maison; a project of love and dedication that has seen the photographer, Cybele Malinowski, shoot models in their bedrooms all over the suburbs of Sydney, LA, London, Ukraine and Shanghai. Each week, we will be featuring a new model from Model-Maison.



Model : Avril Alexander   @LondonMGTgroup

Photographer: Cybele Malinowski

Website: ModelMaison

Instagram: @cybism

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/modelmaison

Stylist: Lenya Jones

 Make Up : Vic Anderson

 Hair :Frankie Endersbee using redken

 Stylist’s Assistant :Adriana Daprile

 Retouching :Justin Malinowski

 Published : Pages Digital 

Fashion Credits in order of appearance // May top, American Apparel bikini bottom  / Jets blathers, Maison Scotch Coat / Triangle bikini top, MLM skort / Bebe Sydney blathers, Boohoo shorts, model’s own shoes /  Jets blathers, model’s own shoes / Bebe Sydney bathing suit, Maison Scotch coat / Topshop top, Triangle bikini bottom


My New York Journal- Part 1



It’s been all of two minutes & I am already bored. The line is out the door & around the corner. I can hear whispers of nerves & every face is full of excitement & exhaustion. This is the fifth casting of the day and it’s only 11.00am. My feet have officially lost all feeling thanks to my shoes & I’ve just realised that these jeans were are big mistake. Well actually it’s probably not the jeans that were the mistake, it’s more likely to have been the three bottles of water and two coffees. I couldn’t help it!! A day in this city on foot is like running a marathon.

Busting to pee. Busting to pee. Busting to pee. That is now all I am thinking about. Pee. Pee. Pee. Dear god! I am a child. I see no bathroom in sight & definitely no girl who’d be willing to hold my place in the line even if there was a bathroom to run too. Time to distract myself with thoughts. What rhymes with pee?

OK I am just going to have to settle in & suck it up! I can clock up some people watching. Or as I prefer to call it, research. As I watch people, I realise that watching the back of their heads isn’t all that fascinating. There are a few girls however that keep turning to look at me. Maybe they know me? I suppose they might recognise me from the blog? It’s only my first week in New York though…surely I am a nobody here.

They wouldn’t recognise an Australian blogger anyway? Everyone in this city is a blogger or a FSMP (aka Famous Social Media Person)… Should I ask them & use it as a way of introducing myself? Or is that arrogant? Probably. No I can’t ask. I was even too shy to link my portfolio with my blogs social media platforms. Using my personal accounts just seemed so much more … humble. But as usual, my Melbourne booker had the last word. I suppose she made a point when she told me that it was my blogs followers on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter that was what got me to NYC in the first place.

F*** that reminds me… I haven’t posted a picture for the agency yet. They want to track my travels by having me post, @ and # at each casting during the lead up to NYFW… #cantbef’d…

But I should. It’s the least I could do after all their work getting me this VISA. I swear to god that travelling as a model these days feels as if I am constantly a suspect for international crime. I can’t help but feel I’ll be instantly deported on arrival due to the hoops they make you jump through during the application process. And unfortunately in my case, it’s not a rare occasion when I tick the wrong box.

  • Are you Male or Female? I’m a chickybabeeee… MALE. Wrong.
  • Do you have wood or food items to declare? Unless gum counts, I don’t think so. YES. Wrong again. Why do they insist people use pens!
  • Do you have more than 10000USD on you? Ha! Yeah I wish!! YES. .no you don’t! New form please!
  • Are you carrying any animal parts with you? Ew No!!!! YES. F***
  • Have you been in South Africa over the past 6days? Just shopping in Singapore! YES. Wtf! The answer is NO! Back of the line dumbass.

But even so, a NYC legal team, 14 reference letters & a million tear sheets seems a little over the top for a 21 year old girl who spends her time writing a blog about the best cupcakes in Melbourne & posing for Target catalogues for a living. I am hardly a threat to this city!

Back to the point. Photo. Ok… so how should I play this? What the hell am I going to take a photo of? The girl in front of me looks young & cute…maybe I can ask her to partake in a selfie with me? Um No. Way too shy for that. Ok what else can I take a picture of? There is honestly nothing else around that screams “NYFW Casting”. Oh hang on I see something… Yes there it is. The line of 100 + gorgeous giants in front of me. Dickhead. Thank god no one hears my train of thoughts. Imagine that!! I wonder if people will be able to in the future… You could sell ad space in peoples mind……….

FOCUS! Right sorry. Ok I’ll just snap a photo of the models in line. Looks all artsy-fartsy thanks to the numerous sets of legs wearing different shades of high waisted jeans.


Stay tuned for the next edition of this Aussie models journal entry…