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By Lauren Tricker

I do not understand how some people can be a ‘bag person’. For me, I’m an ‘everything’ person. I love shoes, bags, sunglasses- you name it. As the summer months are now upon us, I am going to be talking about flats- the most comfortable type of footwear there is. In the past, heeled shoes have been my daily go-to, providing me with heightened confidence with each wear. But, after finding different styles of flats that do more than make up for -what I perceived to be- their downfall, I thought I would share these with you today.



Espadrilles are an all-time favourite of mine. They’re one of those accessories ­that can pull together any outfit, whether it be a simple top and shorts combination, or a delicate summer dress! They provide a little bit of extra height due to the thicker sole, but their level of comfort throws any pair of wedges out of the water. Furthermore, Espadrilles are suited for any summer outing, cushioning your feet on a stroll to the beach or a trek round a shopping district. Their major selling point, however, is you needn’t break the bank when purchasing a pair! The high street are on the same wavelength as the global fashion houses when it comes to variety, therefore enabling you to buy the perfect pair for you.

Ballet flats:

One of the most timeless assets to your wardrobe are a pair of ballet flats. A bold statement, I know, but nonetheless true. If you’re one of those people who prefer to avoid the one-off trends, or even if you just want to have an eternal gem in your wardrobe, then a pair of ballet flats are a must-have. They are one of those accessories that develop in character with age, variating your outfits which each wear! Due to them being an everlasting staple, you can choose from a scope of designs that were and are continued to be noted by style icons ranging from Audrey Hepburn to Miranda Kerr.






I could talk to you all day about gladiators. No, seriously, you wouldn’t want to dare me. Gladiators can replenish any outfit with edgy or intricate connotations- enabling you to decide which look you want to go for on a day-to-day basis. They seamlessly compliment garments ranging from a pair of distressed denim shorts to a floral playsuit, their vocal caged or lace-up designs demanding attention as the world becomes your runway.

Lace-up sandals:


Last but definitely not least: lace-up sandals. If I am allowed to have a favourite, these are mine. A daintier version of gladiators, lace-up sandals lack in the extravagant detail reaching to your knee but instead conclude below your ankle, therefore announcing a muted statement for a casual Californian vibe. Different metal hardware for the eyelets or aglets ensures that all other accessories are accommodated for, and therefore transforms you into a sleek, sophisticated young woman ready to take on the day.


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